Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:15 AM. We have a class for you!

Sunday School at FBC is the number one ministry arm of our church, where we love God through Bible study, love others through ministry and fellowship, and love the world through outreach and missions.

This is the place where lifelong relationships are formed, where needs are met, where joys are celebrated and where struggles are shared. No matter where you are in life, you don’t have to be there alone. Come discover what Sunday School has to offer for you.

See where your class meets:


Infants through K5

B Bldg. • 1st floor


Grades 1-5

Family Life Center • C210-C220


Grades 6-12

B Bldg. • 2nd floor

Young Professionals (18-30)

Taught by Chris Parish

A Bldg. • A205-207

Young Adults A (25-34)

Taught by Mike & Pam Jenkins

D Bldg. • D101

Young Adults B (30-39)

Taught by Mark Thompson

Family Life Center • C209

Young Adults C (29-40)

Taught by Jon Nichols

Family Life Center • C209

Med. Adults A (40-54)

Taught by Tracey Schmidt

Family Life Center • C203

Med. Adults B (45-54)

Taught by Russ Pierce

Family Life Center • C206-208

Med. Adults C (45-54)

Taught by Wendell Price

D Bldg. • D102

Med. Adults E (55-64)

Taught by Jim Rosseau

D Bldg. • D103

Ladies (30’s-50’s)

Family Life Center • C103

Adult A (55-69)

Taught by Lee Garrett

Family Life Center • C106

Adult B (55-69)

Taught by Luann Purcell

Family Life Center • C101

Adult C (70+)

Taught by Dick Campbell

A Bldg. • A101

Men (60+)

Taught by Roy DiSpirito

Family Life Center • C105

Ladies A (60-74)

Taught by Helen Smith

Family Life Center • C107

Ladies B (65-74)

Taught by Shirley Stricklen

Family Life Center • C104

Ladies C (60+)

Taught by Doris Gray

Family Life Center • C109

Ladies D (75+)

Taught by Jackie Davis

Worship Center Bldg. • W101